Why You Should Book a Flight to Oman

Flight to Oman could give you the most memorable flight experience in your lifetime. Unlike any other destinations, where all you can see from the sky is a plain city, loads of huge buildings, Oman is quite unique when it comes to scenery from above.

Minutes before landing at Muscat International Airport, beautiful Rocky Mountains and cliffs offered an eye capturing view from your window, plus a blue coastline on the other side. Most of the flights to Oman came from neighboring countries in Gulf region like

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where large international airports serving flights to UK, US, Europe and many Asian countries are located. However, Oman air, Oman’s very own airlines has also direct flights from India and Pakistan.

Flight to Oman

Flights to Oman from UAE are the shortest international flights or maybe cheapest international flights you could experience considering the distance and time of travel. If you are from Dubai, flying to Oman will only take 30 to 40 minutes or less. Some passengers going to Oman will travel by car, crossing Hatta border from north, or via Alain UAE from west.

A flight to Oman could offer you the opportunity to experience Oman’s attractive culture and tradition. Its mix environment influenced by the westerns could make you feel at home aside from the hospitality of the locals.

People in Oman are mostly expats from countries like Pakistan, India Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines and other countries. These expats are occupying the labor and skills sector, from domestic worker, construction, mechanics and technicians. However, Indian and Filipino professionals are also playing a great role in the countries ongoing development in the fields of business, education, medicine and engineering.

Based on my own experience, Omanis are the finest, friendliest and most hospitable Arabs in the whole Gulf. Influenced by their sincere observance of Islam faith, most locals are non-arrogant people and are very easy to deal with especially when you can talk to them with their own language.

My first flight to Oman happened in October 2009. That was when I was hired as a vocational training instructor in one of their 7 vocational schools situated away from the main city. At first glance to locals, I already noticed the difference when I arrived in the airport. Police officers who were assisting the arriving passengers are too kind, compared with airports from other Arabian countries.

Omanis are happy to show their fast pace of progress in their country. Holiday destinations are becoming too popular and tourism industry is also growing and becoming one of their main attractions. If you book a flight to Oman on holidays, you can have the best holidays spent in one the most fascinating places in this country.
Things to experience during flight to Oman

Oman’s popular landmark is the most impressive Rocky Mountains in Muscat. On the opposite side, a beautiful coastline from Sur area extending to Batinah region could offer a vast experience of sea water activities, from ordinary swimming, fishing, to scuba diving. Here in our area in Shinas, we used to catch crabs anytime we like in one of our favorite crabbing spots somewhere in Shinas coast, near the port area.

Mountain climbing could also be challenging considering the peaks. If you are adventurous and who loves outdoor activities, you will really enjoy your flight to Oman.
Those who are interested with Oman history will be having an exciting trip to forts in Al-Jalili and Al-Mirani. That was originally created in Oman mountains, as place of captives during Portuguese occupation in 1580, which now becomes one of the country’s’ most visited places.

When you book a flight to Oman, it is suggested to get acquainted with visa requirements as well as Oman health requirements. If everything is in place, search for cheap ticket flights to Oman and book your ticket a week before your desired date of travel.


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